Who is eligible to participate at XGEN R&D?

  • All students in a degree program who are at least eighteen years of age at conference date.

What happens after paper submission?

  • The papers will be adjudicated by a panel of judges
  • The judges’ decision is final
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email
  • Only those who have been accepted may attend the XGEN R&D

What conditions must be met by the research work?

  • The research work mus belong to the participant
  • The paper may have between 2 and 10 pages
  •  Title and abstract must be in english, the rest of the paper could be in english or romanian
  • The research may be experimental or review-based
  • The research may be ongoing or complete
  • The research can be on any topic based on general conference domains
  • It may have contain curricular or extra-curricular topic

What are the jugding criteria?

  • The papers presented will be adjudicated by a panel of judges
  • The criteria upon which they will be judged are shown below on this page
  • Winning projects will be awarded from the 30.000 lei prize pool
  • Where projects are submitted by a team of students, the prizes will be shared.

How long does the presentation take?

  • Presentations will take up to 15 minutes including the Q & A session
  • Presentations may be filmed
  • Presentation can be done in Romanian or English
  • Presentation slides will be delivered to the organizers for presentation in the conference site

How many authors can have a research work??

  • Projects may be submitted by one or up to three students
  • All those involved have to be registered individually for R&D
  • Such projects are expected to show greater scope, in relation to the number of students involved.

Judging Criteria

Research Objective (10 pts)

Clear and focused purpose/title/aim. The decision is based on submitted paper.


Data Collection, Analysis, Interpretation and Scientific understanding (50 pts)

a. If original research: Systematic and sufficient data collection planned and analysed; reproducible results; appropriate application of algorithms, mathematical and statistical methods; control mechanism; ethical standards adhered to.

b. If review project: Sensible and sufficient resources consulted, analysed and evaluated.

c. Full references acknowledged

d. Underlying science is accurate, well understood and well-explained.


Communication (15 pts)

a. All members of the poster presentation are able to communicate their project effectively and answer questions to a high standard.

b. Visual design of presentation

c. Logical organisation of material. Clarity of graphics and legends.


Votes received from other participants (25 pts)

Based on number of votes received from other participants to XGEN Conference.

Call for papers

The papers will be analyzed in order of receiving and will be announced on website if the maximum number of paper accepted is achieved before deadline.

The paper can have between 2 and 10 pages. Title and abstract must be in english, the rest of the paper could be in english or romanian.

Paper format must be in IEEE Manuscript format that is available at https://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html  

Scientific board